Chicago IPRA Finally Gets Dashcam Video Of Darius Pinex Shooting

It took over five years for the IPRA to get the key evidence in the fatal police shooting of a black Chicago man committed in 2011.

The Independent Police Review Authority’s spokesman claimed over the week that the agency has finally gotten what was the key to unlock one of their oldest police shooting cases – a dashcam video showing a traffic stop that ended up with fatal shooting of an African-American, Darius Pinex.

Pinex family said that the video released tells a different story about the shooting, than a police officer, Mosqueda, had fabricated before to save himself from being charged with murder. The video shows only what happened before and after the shooting, but not exactly the moment of the murder. Still it shows that Darius Pinex hadn’t tried to drive away as it was claimed by the officers before.

In 2012, the family of the deceased filed a lawsuit against city, but it took the city officials over four years to agree on settling them. The family’s attorney Steve Greenberg said that whatever agreement they will come to, the city will pay “in excess of $2 million”.

As the IPRA re-examine the fatal shooting of Darius Pinex, the family hopes that justice will be served and that those officers will be punished accordingly.

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