White Privilege: 6 Months VS 6 Years In Jail On Rape Cases

Brian Banks, a black man who served 6 years in jail after being falsely accused of rape, calls the Stanford rape case a Whiteman’s privilege.

Brain Banks, who was wrongfully convicted of rape crime at the age of 16, is throwing lights on racial disparities in his case when compared to that of a Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s rape case.

Turner, 20, a white man who actually raped an unconscious and intoxicated woman in 2015, was sentenced to only six months in jail, while an innocent black man, Brain Banks, was imprisoned for almost six years.

Banks, who has been following up the Stanford rape case, explained how he felt in the courtroom when they read Turner’s prison sentence. “It was like I was not even in the room. I felt like I wasn’t a human being. I was a number,” he said.

The then 16-year-old black teen in 2002 was tried as an adult and faced 41 years to life in prison. But after a long struggle, he was granted a six year jail sentence and was imprisoned until the accuser dropped her charges against him.

Banks also explained that Turner’s victim was “totally ignored” in the case as “she has to live with her hardship and tragedy for the rest of her life.

This is how our justice system works – a system full of injustice where over 40,000 innocent men and women are kept in prison and not surprising that most of them are people of color. Contrariwise white people are enjoying their freedom even after committing such horrible crime as rape.

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