Abusive White Male Gets What He Deserves

Sherman Crow is arrested, he faces charges for insulting two black women and purposefully crushing into their car.

Georgia man, Sherman Crow, 65 seemed to feel absolutely scot-free when he was using racial slurs and threats towards Ira McPherson and her 82-year-old mother calling the latter ‘n*ger b*tch’ just for being too slow on her way to the car at Red & White Jones Food Market parking lot.

The incident took place on May 26, in the evening. Ira was helping elderly Joan Wilson (her mother) to get across the parking lot of the store without a walker. It was not an easy task so Ira decided to stop her car right in front of the shop. While Ms. Wilson was getting into the car, Mr. Crow, who was parked nearby, grew angry maybe due to the delay or maybe due to the spirits he was drinking before taking the wheel.

He continued to insult the two women until they got frightened and tried to leave the parking lot.

“He just started yelling. I was stunned. It was shocking,” one of them says.

Sometime later Crow rammed into their car several times in a row making the airbags to deploy.

Though there was one thing Crow didn’t expect – an arrest. Now he is charged with reckless driving, driving with an unlawful blood-alcohol level, making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, reckless conduct and aggravated assault. This is not the first time Sherman Crow is punished for racist behavior: in October 2014 he was arrested for yelling racial slurs at a local Subway employee, who denied him service.

Some people might think that inebriated state serves Sherman Crow as an excuse for his behavior, but “wine is in, truth is out,” the old saying tells us. So Crow must face the judge, get his condign punishment and then serve a living reminder for other racists of what cannot ever be done or said to black people.

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