Minimum Wage Is Something That You Can’t Exist On

We must stand out for our rights and fight for the raise in minimum wage.

A new research shows that in order to afford a decent flat you need to earn at least $16.35 hourly.

How many people can afford to rent one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment? According to statistics, not many. In order to live in considerably good conditions, you have to earn at least $16.35 an hour which is quite hard. Another concern is that the average low-wage workers are black or represent other minorities so for some people to make both ends meet means to have nearly three full-time jobs. This also means that those people only work and sleep because they don’t have time for anything else.

The studies prove that even if the minimum wage gets higher and reaches for example $15 an hour – it is still not enough for one to find a decent place for living and be able to afford something more. The fact that during 2004-2014 the number of renters grew up to 7.9 million and the quantity of added units went only up to 2.2 million let landlords overvalue their property. The government seems to have no concern about that fact and let it thrive.

Moreover, the government is providing less and less help for those people, who can’t afford to pay the rent. This turned out to be a very hard situation especially for families with little children where the shortage of money is much higher. So, it turns out that the minimum wage is purely incompatible with the life in this country.

The representatives of Black community, who are mostly affected by these numbers, must stand out our standards and fight for the minimal wage to rise because only if we take an action we can receive what we are aimed at.

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