House Votes to Ban Confederate Flags on VA Cemetery Flagpoles

The 265-159 vote would ban the display of the Confederate flag on flagpoles at VA cemeteries.

Due to the meaning and what the Confederate flag stands for, The House last Thursday voted to ban its display on flagpoles at Veterans Administration cemeteries.

The Confederate flag was displayed twice a year but the 265-159 vote would not allow it to be hanged on these two occasions. Hence, those who seek to celebrate veterans would not be honored with the display.

California Democrat Jared Huffman authored the prohibition, saying the flag represents “racism, slavery and division.”

Last year, the state legislature of South Carolina caused the removal of the flag after the mass shooting of a black church, in Columbia.

Now, as a result of the amendments, people would not be able to sell or buy the fag at the national park. But there was a set back from Southern Republicans who caused GOP leaders to scrap the pending bill. GOP leaders subsequently scrapped action on the remaining spending bills.


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