Tech Innovation For Black And Latina Women

Kathryn Finney- “Our goal is to find untapped talent, untapped opportunities—we know that our people have been untapped for years.”

The founder of digitalundivided (DID, is launching an initiative called the BIG Innovation Center. This center when furnished will gor too.. Karthryn in 2012 established digitalundivided (DID) whose goal was to train and support innovative women of color who can become leadership in various spheres.

Kathryn also saw the need to develop programs and projects future. One of her major reasons was to see women become decision makers in the society. DID since its establishment has located Latina and black women with game changing mindsets to join together and form an unmatched network of investors, mentors and influencers. These women have been able to acquire startup toolkit and help each other in enhancing their leadership skills.

DID, the BIG Innovative Center, which is about 6000- square foot space and is located in Atlanta, will be home to the 16- week long training program for both Black and Latina women. The program will see the lives of Gayle Jennings O’Byrne and Finney, who are the investment gurus, Harriet Fund and the Harriet Angels Syndicate which is the first venture fund for exceptional black and Latina women founders.

Kathryn said “Our goal is to find untapped talent, untapped opportunities which we know people have untapped for many years”. We are giving permission for everyone to be great as well give a resources to the entire black tech community.

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