No charges against cops who killed Jeremy “Bam” McDole

Keandra McDole, the sister of Jeremy McDole, a disabled man in a wheelchair killed by police, calls for a march for justice.

The decision of the state’s attorney general not to bring any charges against officers, who fatally shot Jeremy McDole, shocked Keandra to the very bottom of her heart.

After thorough investigation initiated by Delaware Department of Justice, which included reviewing video evidence, analyzing ballistics, and interviewing witnesses, it must have been clear to everyone that Jeremy committed no crime of violence and posed no threat even at the moment of his death.

Though in defiance of common sense, the attorney concluded that “the officers’ use of deadly force was necessary to protect themselves and others.”

The cell phone video recorded at the scene shows how the officers, who arrived to respond to a 911 call about an armed man, tell McDole to drop his weapon and put his hands in the air, then they shoot him right after the paralyzed man tries to adjust  his pants.

State’s attorney decision caused an outbreak of local and national indignation. It was very hard for the community to understand how a group of trained people in uniform could have taken a life in order to protect themselves from a harmless paralyzed man in a wheelchair.

The McDole family hopes to find justice in federal civil court. Meanwhile, Keandra McDole asks you to join the march against police violence, which will take place on May, 20 in Wilmington Delaware.

Information concerning the march can be found on the event page.


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