Eubie Blake Was Born On This Day In 1883

James Hubert Blake, better known as Eubie Blake ragtime pianist and composer, was born today in 1883

Eubie Black probably not the name you hear often nowadays, but back then he was a superstar. His most famous musical, Shuffle Along, was known to cause traffic jams right before show time as people made their way to the play. Eudie Black also honored with Medal of Freedom.

He was born on February 7 in 1883 in Baltimore, Maryland. He lived through both World Wars, worked in Europe. Blake is remembered as a revered ragtime pianist and composer of many musicals, and for partnership with singer-songwriter Noble Sissle.

Black ragtime pianist and composer of over 300 songs and musical pieces, Eubie Blake enjoyed a career which took him from the early years of African American stage theater to television and concert appearances in the 1970s.

Blake’s piano pieces revealed a strong folk ragtime strain that prevented him from being associated historically with some of the lesser commercial work associated with the publishing industry of New York City’s Tin Pan Alley. Apart from a talented keyboardist, Blake conducted, composed, and arranged music that helped cultivate and broaden the role of African American stage theater.

Eubie Blake lived a century and died in February 12, 1983.

Black cultural history is massive and it shapes the face of America, with every year influence is stronger and stronger. We should not forget about our history, roots of our culture.


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