Wrongfully Incarcerated Man Sues County For $10 Million

Darrick McDuffie suffered 529 day in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

In 2012, Darrick McDuffie was arrested by police for a shooting victim Marcus Brown, of which he knew nothing about. According to McDuffie, even though the victim told officers about him being the wrong man, the DeKalb County’s sheriff and district attorney gave a deaf ear and intentionally jailed him.

Brown signed a sworn affidavit which stated, “Darrick McDuffie was not responsible for my injuries of October 2, 2012.”

Despite this proof, McDuffie went behind bars until Feb. 26, 2014- exactly 434 days after proclamation of his innocence by Brown. On this faithful day, the DeKalb County’s attorney acquitted him. Even as that, he remained in jail for another 52 days.

McDuffie has filed a suit against the county for a sum of $10 million for the psychological, physical and mental trauma, and for financial losses during the time he was imprisoned.

“This is a miscarriage of justice,” his attorney Adam Klein told the Daily News. “We have the police, the prosecutor, the sheriff’s department, acting in concert, they kept him in jail for almost two years when they have a sworn affidavit.”

He was jailed because of his color and the County’s district attorney refused to listen to his plea of innocence or rather the testimony of the victim that he was the wrong man. They somehow needed to find a culprit in the 2012 shooting.

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