Support For Black Moms Who’ve Lost Their Children To Police Brutality

Artist Sylvia Maier is honoring Black mothers, whose children have been murdered by police officers, through incredible paintings.

I want to show that the women are really the leaders, through their gentleness, nurturing and tenacity. Women are revolutionaries,” said artist Maier in an interview with the Huffington Post. These plucky parents such as Sybrina Fulton- mother of Trayvon Martin, Hawa Bah- mother of Mohamed Bah, Constance Malcolm- mother of Ramarley Graham and many others have grieved the loss of their beloved sons for too long.

Artist Maier has focused on these women as subjects for her upcoming exhibition titled “The Circle Of Mothers Project”, starting from May 28 to June 13, 2016 at Gallery Josephine in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.  She personally spoke to each person before capturing their pain that they might live with forever.

During the interview, Maier said, “Their children were denied liberty just because of the way they looked in a racist society. It’s not just prejudice when it infringes on someone’s rights to live and be happy and pursue an education. It’s hypocritical to see those words on a coin. Does it mean ‘liberty for all’? What makes people think only some of us deserve liberty?”

And so Maier painted portraits of these moms against the outline of a coin, with words like “In God We Trust” and “Liberty”.

Black mothers nowadays worry about everything for their children more especially when they go outside alone. The children might just be attacked because of their skin color or shot by police officers for no reason. That’s the pain every black parent goes through.

Share this article and help to fight against police brutality and injustice in our communities.

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