Virginia Officers Will Not Be Charged In Death Of Unarmed Black Man

Three Virginia Officers who repeatedly and fatally tasered a handcuffed 46-year-old black man outside a hospital in 2013, will not be charged, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Tracy Quackenbush Martin, Halifax County Commonwealth Attorney declined to indict officers involved in the death of a Virginia black man, Linwood Lambert. Lambert died after the officers repeatedly used stun guns on him in 2013.

According to BuzzFeed News, even though Attorney Martins accepted that South Boston Police officers were “negligent” and “incompetent” she said there was no evidence of a criminal level of negligence. “I find there is no good faith basis to believe any violation of state criminal law applies to the facts of this case and, therefore, I decline to seek criminal charges against the officers,” she wrote in a 76-page report.

It all started when Lambert called 911 asking for help. He felt that he was mentally unstable and could end up damaging property or himself. When the police arrived, Lambert peacefully agreed to go to a nearby hospital. When arriving at the ER, Lambert broke a squad car window and ran toward the hospital doors. That’s when the officers used their stun guns on the handcuffed man multiple times. Lambert was mentally unstable and the police knew that. Therefore, officers using stun guns on him to tame him were absolutely wrong. We all know that mentally unstable people tend to not react to a Taser. Lambert was pronounced dead at the hospital after it was discovered that he had been tasered 20 times in 30 minutes.

Why would officers rather kill civilians than protect them from bad people? If a man dies in police custody, it is an absolute criminal level of negligence. Yet, prosecutors failed to indict these officers even after the videos of the horrible crime were released.

This is a proof of how American government protects its servants, even when they commit the worst crimes against Blacks. Black Americans must rise together united and fight this excessive police brutality and seek justice against the criminal regime!

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