A 9-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $7,000 To Pay For His Own Adoption

Mo. Boy, 9, who was left by his biological mother in the dead of winter at the age of 5, paid for his own adoption by selling Lemonade.

According to The Root, Tristan Jacobson, who is presently 9 years of age, devised a means of paying for his own adoption just by selling Lemonade.  Tristan was 5 when his birth mother who was into drugs and prostitution left him on the stoop of a Springfield, Mo., homeless shelter in a 17-degree weather, just to let him be carried away by death.

Fortunately, friends of Tristan’s mother, Donnie Davis and her husband, Jimmy took the then 5-year-old boy, Tristan in and catered for him till today. Now, as the family looks forward to adopting the boy who is 9, a cost of $5,000 would have to be the process.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that in preparation to this, the family started a YouGiving page in order for them to be able to adopt this little kid. 9-year-old Tristan, who wanted to facilitate speedy rate of the adoption opened a lemonade stand to help raise money, and amazingly, came up with more than $7,000 within a week. According to the newspaper, Tristan set up the stand on Friday afternoon, offering cold glasses of lemonade for $1 each. He raised some $7,100 in donations by Saturday.

“There’s not enough words to say thank you to everyone who has shown support or given us donations,” Davis told the Springfield News-Leader. “Everyone has made this possible. We will make sure this child will forever be ours.”

According to Tristan’s adoptive parents, he was severely maltreated by the mother every day and night because of the life the mother was into. But what this little kid has done shows how tough and strong blacks kids are irrespective of many been disproportionally victims of circumstances.

“Bravo” to this little 9-year-old boy.

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