Georgia Authority Invests In Racist Movements And Events

A Blackmattersus active reader and follower has sent us an exclusive update about the Stone Mountain rally that happened recently. Apparently there is one scandal hidden by the major media outlets concerning the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.

According to our reader, “After permitting white supremacist rallies in the State Park, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association called in Georgia State Troopers and SWAT teams, spending $1.4 million to protect them. For these and other reasons, a coalition of multiracial organizations have come together to boycott Stone Mountain”

This is outrageous! This is a literal payment made to protect KKK members! KKK is a known hate group associated with unremorseful killing and destructions. Every single resident in the United States know how dreadful KKK has been, but the authorities have sort to protect them in a cunning way by paying a huge amount of money. This group should be banned in this country and not to be protected!

And it happens at the same time as the SF protesters are refused the right to visit bathrooms; the militarized cops are ready to not only arrest but to Taser, beat and use tear gas on black protesters all over the country! The interests of “White America” always seem to prevail over the interests of African Americans. People living in the same country have no equal rights because of racial differences. This is the real white supremacy!

This country will remain broken as long as the racist groups are supported by the authorities much more than the black community who rally for their inborn rights!

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