White Anarchists Sabotage #BLM Counter-Protest at Stone Mountain

The update about the Stone Mountain Anti-racism Rally.

We apologize to all the BLM activists present at the Stone Mountain Anti-racism Rally for the previous article about the event. The new information given to us by our reader proves that people who were violent with the police and later arrested were not members of BLM movement.

Noel Robertson was present and drew from her own experiences as well as conversations she had both during and afterwards with others who were present. Here is the firsthand experience of the event:

“On Saturday, April 23rd, a group called “Rock Stone Mountain” scheduled a rally at Stone Mountain to “protest efforts to erase the white race.” In response, All Out Atlanta, an anti-racism group, organized a counter protest for the same time and location. Both groups had permits from the park. Both were sanctioned to protest from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

However, white anarchists sabotaged the peaceful protest before the bulk of All Out Atlanta counter-protesters arrived. Joshua Taylor Taft, 21, of Savannah, Georgia, was arrested for aggravated assault after throwing a smoke grenade at police. 8 other anarchists, predominantly all white,  were arrested for wearing a mask or hood to conceal their identity. One police officer later said that they had received numerous warnings to remove their masks.

Initially, police and park officials intended to keep the two groups separated by isolating the pro-White group in a corner of the Yellow Daisy parking lot and forming a police barrier to keep the counter-protesters away from them. Activists did not have difficulty skirting the human barricade, however, and simply cut through through the wooded paths used by joggers and hikers while police repeatedly fell back and reformed their lines.

After the anarchists were removed from the premises, the protest had no other arrests or violence. Members of the StreetGroomers, a black organization whose manifesto states that they “patrol the community to keep it safe and clean,” the Black Panthers, local Unitarian Universalist congregations, and rival street gangs Bloods, Crips, Black Disciples, and Gangster Disciples all joined together in a protest that included dancing, drumming, chanting, and even children blowing bubbles.

Chants ranged from, “Who shuts sh** down? We shut sh** down!” to “I believe we will win!” Some protesters apologised to police for the actions of the anarchists, and for the discomfort of standing in the sun in heavy SWAT gear. Others offered water to the officers. One Black protester shared her Pan-African flag with a white preschooler being carried by his mother, explaining its meaning to him: “Red is for the blood shed by those held in bondage, Black is for the people, and Green is for the Motherland, Africa.” The child’s mother steadied it as he waved it, before returning it at another protester’s request.

Despite this, Stone Mountain Park closed attractions to guests in the afternoon, and cancelled their famous laser light show. The main gates did, however, remain open, and the walking trails stayed open to guests as well.”

By Noel Robertson

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