‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill Adds Cops to ‘Protected Class’

Rep. Lance Harris has introduced a bill that would make resisting arrest a hate crime.

Last year, a police union dreamed about being included under Congress’s hate crimes statute. Finally, their dream came true. Rep. Lance Harris introduced a bill that would add firefighters and police officers to the list of protected classes that could get someone a hate crime charge if they attack them. The bill is scheduled for debate on the house floor April 28.

To include cops and firefighter, the state’s hate crime law should be changed.

Thus, the bill will look like this:
“It shall be unlawful for any person to select the victim of the following 10 offenses against person and property because of actual or perceived race, age, gender, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry of that person or the owner or occupant of that property or because of actual or perceived membership or service in, or employment with, an organization, or because of actual or perceived employment as a law enforcement officer or firefighter.”

What has been done to protect innocent black people? *Crickets*

The government takes strict measures to protect those, who don’t actually need any protection.

There is no war on the police! No doubts, being a police officer is dangerous, however, compared with previous years, cops in our country are about the safest they’ve ever been. According to the Washington Post, 2015 was the second-safest year for police officers since 1960.

It’s definitely unfair when the government imposes harsher penalties on people who commit crimes against cops than others. Police have a right to kill and get away with any murder. Now they can also become ‘overprotected’, which means that it will be almost impossible to hold a cop accountable or even prove his guilt.

To our sorrow, only blue lives matter in our country.

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