Student Wears KKK Costume To Give His Class A Presentation

A Westosha Central High School student wore a Ku Klux Klan dress on Monday to give a class presentation on crime in the 1920s.

The student told school administrators that he was trying to give a clear picture of his project about the 1920s, when the KKK had up to 4 million members, which led to high crime rates in the country.

Students took pictures and videos of him while he was giving his presentation and posted them on Twitter. The pictures caught the media’s attention as it hasn’t been the first time when students were dressing in KKK costumes.

“I just can’t believe someone would actually put that on,” said Brett Sandberg, an alumnus of WCHS. “I think it should have been shown instead of worn.”

After the picture went viral, the school’s principal, Lisa Albrecht, apologized on the school’s Facebook page and in Twitter saying: “As any of you would be, I was appalled by the photo.” She later deleted the statement. “The student in the photo, not meaning any harm, wanted to convey the message of crime during this time and the uprising of the KKK and how hateful this group of people were … The student, in his eagerness to do a good job, admits he failed to understand this prop.”

Principal Albrecht deleted her apology statement because of comments by some rude students implying that she encourages students to practice hate in the school.

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