Defense Attorney Says BLM Demonstrator Had Every Right To Protest

Matthew McHenry, a defense attorney told jurors on Tuesday, April 19, that his client, Teressa Raiford, wasn't guilty of committing disorderly conduct.

McHenry said that the Black Lives Matter demonstrator, Raiford, had every right to “let her voice be heard” during the August 9 demonstration to the death of Michael brown, who was shot to death by a white Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, in 2014. “She’s focused the last several years of her life to giving a voice to the unheard.”

The police reported that Raiford was arrested because she obstructed traffic, but McHenry told a panel of six jurors that the police didn’t like Raiford because they say she “is loud”, “she makes people uncomfortable” and that’s the reason why they want her to be quiet.

According to the reports, Raiford, who is also the founder of “Don’t Shoot PDX”, was not obstructing traffic before she was arrested. From a 22-minute video, which was posted on YouTube, one can see buses moving freely minutes before her arrest.

Raiford’s trial, which is being monitored by her supporters, is expected to last through Thursday.

The police can do their best, no matter what, to silent a black man for telling the truth. It’s either they shot you dead or they keep you in a jail cell, where you will stay and died.

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