11 ‘Sistahs On The Reading Edge’ Settle Racial Lawsuit With Train Company

The women of the reading club were kicked off a train for being “too loud” during a train tour through sections of Carlifonia’s Wine Country.

On August, 22, during a three-hour train trip through California’s Wine County, 11 members of the Sistahs On The Reading Edge were taken-off the train with the reason that they were “too loud.” The women, who consisted of 10 black women initially sought a settlement of $11 million, after two women of the book club reportedly lost their jobs as a result of being kicked off the train.

The 11 members of the ‘Sistahs On The Reading Edge’ book club, who are based in San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay, felt they were kicked off the train for being black. It was obvious  they were attacked and asked off the train for “laughing loudly a few times together,” suggested the book club’s leader Lisa Renee Johnson.

In an interview with the Mercury News, the women’s lawyer, Waukeen McCoy revealed that an agreement had been reached with the Napa Valley Wine Train, after mediation on both sides. The amount paid in settlement is confidential, but most importantly, that justice had been served for the women.

“The parties are both very excited about resolving the case and moving forward,” McCoy commented. The women who range from 39 to 85 serve as examples of how to go about dealing with people who try to get Blacks thrown about because of their race. “We’re relieved that we were able to resolve the matter, I think it’s something we can put behind us,” Johnson said on Monday.

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