Trial For Charleston Church Shooter Delayed Until January 2017

Attorneys for Dylan Roof said the July 11 trial schedule needs to be rescheduled because doctor needs time to diagnose Roof of mental issues.

Reuters reported that Dylan Roof, who was involved in fatal killing spree in Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, would have his trial which was initially scheduled for July 11 this year, be rescheduled for January 17, 2017, because his doctors need time to conduct a psychiatric test on him.

Roof is facing nine counts of murder prior to the June 17, 2015, shooting at Emmanuel Africa Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston when he murdered nine people on a spot, including the city’s Senator who happened to be the pastor of the church, according to Reuters.

According to the presiding Judge, J.C. Nicholson, he was obligated to delay the trial on the reason being that a doctor needed up to six months to evaluate the mental state on the 22-year-old killer machine. Apparently, Judge Nicholson saw this as a “delaying tactics” from the attorneys of Roof, because they could have done those six months ago.

However, the truth of the matter is very clear. Under no circumstance would a black person be allowed to enjoy this atmosphere of “delaying tactic” – White privilege and racism at work. Roof is a terrorist who carefully planned these murders.

Instead of accusing him in obvious hate crime and mass murder, they first delay the trial, now it’s been scheduled. It’s all because he is white. If it had been black person he probably would had been already dead or at least convicted and called terrorist!

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