Over 46,000 Innocent Americans Are Currently Imprisoned

A survey by The Innocence Project shows that about 46,000 to 100,000 citizens have been wrongfully convicted in the last 10 years.

The organization, which is committed to exonerating people that have been wrongfully convicted, using DNA testing technology, estimates that 2.3 to 5 percent of the 2,220,300 prisoners in the US are innocent.

One main reason why innocent people are kept in prison is that the officers can lie to suspects in pursuit of confessions. After police manipulates on evidence and tortures suspects, the innocent men sometimes confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

President and CEO of the Fortune Society JoAnne Page, responsible for helping formerly incarcerated rebuild their lives after release, said that the police force is “crippling an entire generations of people”. “Our punishments are out of line with the crimes and with any other society’s version of what is reasonable. And then when people get out, we don’t stop the punishment.”

Police officers presume that the suspects are guilty without ant proof especially when they are black. Their mindset is that any black man is a criminal, drug dealer and thug.

And so, officers have gotten different strategies to frame the innocent. They falsify evidence and even beat witnesses, who attempt to videotape them while in action.

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