Polk County Attorney Is Wrong About Black Crime

Polk County Attorney, John Sarcone, in his speech on April 4 says people of color commit more crimes than their White counterparts.

John Sarcone, Polk County Attorney, on April 4 in his speech made a statement concerning people of color being more criminals than their white folks. Sarcone spoke in Register article about racial disparities in the state’s criminal justice system. He said, “Guess what? They are committing the crimes…. The reality is, there’s a disparity in the number of crimes committed by people of color.”

However, his quote stands differ from findings after a study.  The disparity rather exists in the rate for which people of color are prosecuted, and not in the number of crimes they commit.

According to ACLU study, a database from the FBI and U.S. Census proved that in Iowa, black people are more like to be arrested eight times more often than white people for possessing marijuana, even though they both use it at the same rate. Again, people of color suffer more punishment and maltreating in schools than Whites. This is why “school-to-prison-pipeline” is always associated with black kids.

Let’s not forget that “War on Drugs” became war on blacks. Most African Americans faced though judgement and imprisoned with long durations even for minor crimes. The U.S. government system has deprived most people from arriving at the top in life.

America has gotten more racist people as leaders, and this is why racism cannot be eradicated from the system.  A prosecutor like Sarcone is a perfect example of such people. How can a racist contribute to nation building or lead a nation?

I suggest you should go educate yourself much Mr. Sarcone.


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