U.S. Police Kill and Justify Murder Without Public Being Notified

A research has proved that dozens of police killings are ruled justified without the public’s knowledge – lack of official transparency in the U.S. police deeds.

A study by a Guardian showed that there is no official transparency in the deeds of the U.S. police, and that the most of the murders are concluded in favor of officers without the public having any idea about it.

According to the Guardian, in 2015, in every six police killings, at least one officer goes scot-free from his wrong acts, without public knowledge. Maintaining this fact, it means that almost 200 deaths in 2015 were officially approved away from the public eye.  Again, at least one in four death cases at the hands of police officers in early 2015 remain unresolved and stay under investigation more than a year and over, failing to provide the necessary information to process the case.

Also, 202 cases were ruled justified or accidental out of 289 people who were killed in the first three months of 2015. Apparently, 51 of these cases were justified in favor of the police away from the public eyes. Sadly, police officers are always reluctant about autopsy, because “light would shine on their darkness.” These are all facts that cannot be overlooked, but the U.S. government has become blind to such cases.

Officers dreadful killing spree is apparently directed towards the black fraternity – unusual killings of unarmed young men, who have years ahead of them to make a meaningful life.

The Guardian’s special database has brought every activity of the police in dark into light. To white American police, murder of a black person doesn’t present difficulties, because black lives don’t matter. But we will continue to fight our way through.

Take a look at this video below where the Guardian tells how and why this research was done.

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