Post-Holidays Weight Loss Programs

A weight loss programs expert shares the nitty-gritty on greens, proteins, and being in biz with your ex

Entrepreneur JJ Smith knows the holidays are a ridiculous time to suggest weight loss programs. Which is probably why her new book, Green Smoothies for Life: 30 Days to Quick and Lasting Weight Loss, was released two days after Christmas.

Smith is a refreshing force in the diet and wellness realm. Her approach is uncomplicated and unencumbered by lots of ingredients you’ve never heard of. can’t pronounce, or won’t find in your local stores, reflecting the plainspoken and non-judgmental approach she brings to her own life and work. “We all want to live, enjoy life, and have a healthy relationship with food,” says the bestselling author and certified nutritionist in the interview with Black Enterprise. “The power of greens is real!”

So is Smith! If blended greens are her diet secret, being her unapologetically real self is the secret to her entrepreneurial success. That, and her ex-husband and business partner, Todd Johnson, who, she says, is the mastermind behind her booming brand.

“I had a white lady come up to me at a health conference and say, ‘You’re not that skinny for being a weight-loss programs expert,’” Smith continues. Johnson, who Smith married in 2006 and divorced one year later, encouraged her to shake off the critique. “I don’t want to kill myself in the gym,” confesses Smith, who is a proud size 6. “I want to keep my curves. Todd was a genius. He said, ‘Be authentic. Let your tribe come to you.”’

How do you stay partners in business with your ex in life? “You have to value the kind of relationship that works for you, and not let society put you in a box. When Todd and I were married, working and living together consumed us. It was just overwhelming, and we couldn’t do it. But, that love for one another never went away. Our homes are 3 miles apart, and we are best friends. We failed at marriage, but we won at love and business,” she says.


Here are Smith’s insider tips for getting trim and healthy:

1]    If you’re only going to give up one thing, cut out refined sugar. “It really is the devil,” Smith says.

2]    Dump the pink. blue, and yellow packets of chemicals too. Smith’s sugar substitute of choice is plant-based Stevia.

3]    The best tasting protein powders are made from hemp. Try Nutiva. which, in addition to being high in protein and high in fiber, is low in grit.

4]    If you’re going to try only one detox treatment, do a liver cleanse using milk thistle or dandelion root.

5]    The one thing that people are not worried about, but should be? Parasites! If they move from your food to your gut. they can cause fatigue, brain fog. bloating, and gas and they can be hard to detect.

6]    Even small changes can yield big results. “Swapping out one smoothie for one meal a day can make all the difference,” Smith says.

7]    Smith’s favorite smoothie recipe? The Peachy Pineapple: Blend 3 handfuls of fresh spinach. 2 cups of water. 2 cups of frozen pineapple, and 2 cups of frozen peaches with 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds. Stevia and protein powder are optional additions. This makes 2 servings.

8]    New Year’s Goal: “I want healthy to be ‘the new black,”’ Smith says. “If I can change the conversation to make that happen. I would love that.”

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