Chicago City To Settle Family Of Black Man Dragged By Handcuffs

Chicago city has come to an agreement on Monday with the family of the man forcefully dragged out of police cell by handcuffs by settling them.

Chicago police arrested Philip Coleman, 38, three years ago and jailed him for domestic battery against his mother on Dec. 12. Coleman, on the day of his trial refused to come out of the cell, therefore the police tasered him and dragged him down the hallway from the cell when he was still on handcuffs. The city has agreed to settle the family for the death of the 38-year-old man.

According to Reuters, Coleman refused to go to the court the next morning; therefore officers struggled with him and tasered him. Reuters said court records showed that Coleman was tasered and an officer was dragging the motionless body by handcuffs. Coleman died at the hospital as a result. An autopsy showed a reaction to an antipsychotic drug and bruises on his dead body.

In interview by Reuters the family lawyer, Ed Fox, on phone said the family and the Chicago city have reached a settlement over the civil rights lawsuit, even though he didn’t confirm the reports from the media being $4.9 million.

However, the family said no amount of settlement could be compared to the life lost. This news is an example that shows that police brutality is a kind of everyday routine for the American police. Justice should be done by charging these officers!

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