Baltimore Police Shoot 13-Year-Old Holding Toy Gun

Another teen was shot and wounded by a Baltimore police officer Wednesday afternoon while holding what was suspected to be a real gun but turned to be a “replica gun.”

A 13-year-old boy on Wednesday afternoon was shot in Baltimore by two plainclothes “supposed intelligence officers” while holding a “replica gun” as described by the Police Commissioner Kelvin Davis. This accounts the second time just among many dreadful shootings by Baltimore police officers, where a teen has been fatally shot only for holding a toy gun, HuffPost reported.

Apparently, the teen was shot exactly a year after the funeral for the black activist, Freddie Gray, who suffered a strange death in the hands of Baltimore police officers and two days after the Tamir Rice case was settled.

Baltimore police is noted and famous for Police brutality and this is not the first time a teen with a replica gun has been shot. Tamir Rice suffered the same death just because Baltimore Police couldn’t interpret the situation before firing at the kid.

According to Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis, these two officers were not in police uniform, neither were they in a police car. There was every reason for this boy to run when men without identity asked him to stop, because he had no idea who these people were and what they could do to him, so for his safety, he had to flee.

Officers couldn’t interpret the situation as to whether the gun was real or not; hence opened fire on this poor kid, HuffPost reported. But the question is why must officers shoot teens when they are not posing threat? If they were trained officers, then they could have found a better option out of the situation especially when they didn’t know whether the gun was real or not.

Baltimore police have already committed horrible and high-profile crimes. They ripped Freddie Gray’s head of, shot 12-yo Tamir Rice holding a toy gun and now this. Who or whose son will be the next? The people of Baltimore should rise to the streets and fight these excessive police brutality of Baltimore Police.

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