New Video Of A Man Assaulted On An MTA Bus Released By Cops

The footage shows the assailant, who seems to be of Latin descent grab something from the back seat of the bus before walking towards the victim. He punched him in the face before exiting the bus.

Tensions are high in the country. Many incidents of racism have been caught on camera, from various parts of the country. It would seem the U.S is slowly slipping back to the era of segregation and inequality.

Nevertheless, for some of us, that era never ended; for African-Americans to get a job in some labor markets is next to impossible. Besides that, those who do manage to get a prestigious job are paid much lesser than they deserve.

The ongoing onslaught meted out on the Black people by the police has also raised a safety issue. America is once again unsafe for the Black race. The distrust between predominantly Black communities and the police which was instituted by acts of racial bias has proven insurmountable and very dangerous. Now, even civilians attack Black people on the streets, in buses, in metros. Yes, we are slowly slipping back to the era where lynching was an acceptable practice.

A new video released by cops displays a man who seems to be Latino attacking a man without any provocation. The video is just one of many that have popped up in recent years. The incident took place on the 8th of July, in Queens. Police described the assailant as Hispanic, his age is estimated to be about 30 years, and he stands around 5-foot-8.

The incident occurred when the bus stopped near 21st street and 35th avenue in Astoria. The assailant grabbed something from the back seat then attacked the victim before exiting the bus. The victim visited a hospital nearby and has since been treated for wounds from the cut on his face.

Our society is deteriorating into a violent haven for criminals and racist bigots and we do not wish to live in such a brutal society. Where is the country of equal rights for everyone? We wish to feel safe again.

Source: New York Daily News

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