Bernie Sanders Closes Up On Hillary Clinton In African-American Poll Gab

Poll results show Sanders will emerge favorite over Hillary for African-American votes.

The Source reported in late February about polls and how Hillary Clinton had been taking the mantle to another phase ahead of Bernie Sanders among the Black communities by 52 points in Wisconsin. Apparently, it never lasted when a very sharp close-up happened, and currently, a new Public Policy Poll has declared Bernie Sanders leading in African-American voters by 11 points.

As it is proverbially said, “the race is not to the swift……,” means taking the lead doesn’t mean one has arrived. Hillary Clinton who formally led in New York with 48-points has dropped to a 12-points lead, and Sanders’ polls are increasing among the white folks, Quinnipiac poll showed.

Finally the non-White voters and the “lost sheep” (Blacks who supported Clinton) have come to the real knowledge and a realization that Clinton’s words differ from her notion and considering all variants will not be the best candidate for presidency.

Unfortunately, transparency is not one of the attributes one can find in Clinton. African-Americans consider her corrupt candidate from Wall Street businessmen who will say anything to attract votes from the Black community but doesn’t have an iota of concern about them.

Bernie Sanders for presidency is not an option, because he is a candidate with dignity and selflessness when it comes to dealing with African-Americans and humanity entirely. A ‘single-face’ leader with transparency.

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