This Thursday, Chief prosecutor of San Francisco ordered an urgent investigation on the exchanging of a racial and homophobic text messages between five officers.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon told that his office had identified five officers who sent offensive text messages as part of an ongoing probe into 5,000 pages of text messages.

Gascon commented on the case: “We recognized that these messages have multiple problems,” he said. “They have very explicit racist overtones, the N-word is used pretty regularly.”

District Attorney George Gascon had penned a letter to the city police Chief Gregory Suhr, where he recommended Suhr to suspend from active duty officers involved in exchange of racial and homophobic texts, until the investigation is fully conducted.

However, about a year ago 14 members of the SFPD get themselves into exactly the same mess, but somehow they’ve got away with this! But I think we all know how they managed to do this.

The reality is that this came into light because San Francisco Police Department was investigated. Do you think they will find any evidence they did something wrong? I doubt it. Because as you know, police investigating police means “We investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong!”

Just like it was a year ago with the same racist SFPD cops.

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