Racial Discrimination Revealed At NYC Bistro

Former employees sue the cafe for racial discrimination and reveal its dirty secrets.

According to the suit, filed by servers Renato Barreto and David Kant on Dec. 16,  French restaurant Bagatelle is “reminiscent of restaurants in the 1950s that openly and egregiously promoted segregation and created rules to exclude minorities from their establishments.”



Former bistro employees claim that Bagatelle staff had to put “DNA” or “Do Not Accommodate” on reservation lists when Black customers arrived. These were also ususally seated at the rear of the place known among the staffers as “the ghetto station.”




All these disgusting forms of racial discrimination were applied to force African-American customers out of the establishment.




This is a rare racial discrimination suited filed by non-Blacks and this highlights the seriousness of the problem. We hope that Internet backlash will help Barreto and Kant succeed.

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