Undisciplined Plainclothes NYPD Cops Were Caught On Camera Harassing A Mail Man

“I was extremely terrified. I was afraid if I didn’t comply, something was going to happen to me,” the man says.

Glen Grays, a postal worker, who was harassed, arrested, and detained by NYPD officers while on duty, breaks his silence as video of his encounter with the cops goes viral on the internet.

In an interview on CBS, Grays said the cell phone footage of his arrest was what saved his life.

Just like every other day Grays was out to make a delivery on his usual route when an unmarked police vehicle sideswiped him as he was walking across President Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The 27-year old was surrounded by cops in plainclothes, when he told them they had almost hit him.

The cops then stopped him in a bid to arrest the innocent man, whose only crime was “being black while voicing your concerns.”

Grays realized the cops were unto a very dangerous game as they end up using arrest tactics similar to ones used by cops, who eventually killed the black men they were arresting – while cuffing Grays the unscrupulous NYPD cops can be heard yelling “stop resisting”, even though it was clear that he was at no point trying to resist.

Fearing for his life like many black men and women do today when they’re confronted by the police Grays allowed the four cops to cuff him and place him in the unmarked car.

“I was extremely terrified. I was afraid if I didn’t comply, something was going to happen to me,” he told CBS.

Grays, who is deemed lucky to be telling his story, said what the cameras captured was just a tip of the iceberg as he was subjected to some form torture when the abusive officers pulled off.

“I was told to shut up a numerous amount of times,” he said. “They rear ended a car and I wound up from the back seat banging my left shoulder onto the driver’s seat and banging my face onto their arm rest.”

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Monday expressed his displeasure at what is in the video adding that the officers involved were supposed to wear uniform.

Despite public outrage at the abusive nature of the officers’ behavior, Grays, whose wife is a cop, said he hopes his abusers will not be terminated because they might have families depending on them.

When will these officers stop harassing, and killing of innocent black men and women?

Wake up from your slumber of racist prejudice!

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