NYPD’s Negligence Caused Death Of A Black Man

Officers refused to give Williams CPR after he got a serious asthma attack. Family sue city for inappropriate death.

The fatal incident that happened at the Yankee Stadium has made waves on the Internet as NYPD officers ignored a black man, who laid unconscious, for 10 minutes. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed last year.

Barrington Williams was chased by police under suspicion of a minor offense, he was caught and restrained, which might have caused the asthma attack.

According to the family’s lawyer, who got the opportunity to see the video record of the incident when investigators turned it in, “for 10 minutes the officers were indifferent and apathetic to Barrington’s life, and those 10 minutes can be the difference between life and death.”

We can see that cops are enthusiastic about attacking black people, but when their professionalism is required to aid a Black citizen, they feel reluctant or do not act at all.

On text on the NYPD cars says CPR – which stands for Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect respectively. But we do not see this in the way they handled Williams’ case so now they should answer for going against their sworn pledge to protect lives.

Lately, it seems that the only thing they are skillful in is shooting and brutalizing people of color.

The IAB investigation reported that excessive force was not used by officers. The Bronx district attorney’s office concluded there was no criminal activity involved. This might be true, but isn’t lethal indifference a crime?

We all remember Eric Garner, a Black man, who was choked to death by an officer, as he had problems with breathing too. Nobody was indicted in his death, and if nobody is indicted now the criminal negligence towards black people may become a dangerous habit of police officers.

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