An Attack On A Police Officer Is “A Hate Crime”

Colorado representative, Ken Buck introduced “Blue Lives Matter Act”, which considers attacks on police officers as a federal hate crime.

A report from The Blaze says Rep. Ken Buck came up with new legislation to protect those who are to protect us. Buck’s ‘Blue Lives Matter Act’ shades police officers from being attacked by civilians.

According to TheBlaze :

“Blue Lives Matter Act, H.R. 4760, would make “an attack on a police officer a hate crime,” according to the bill’s text. The name of the legislation, filed Wednesday, alludes to the “Black Lives Matter” mantra taken up by activists who protest police violence against black people, particularly the killings of unarmed black people at the hands of police.”

Ken Buck is a former prosecutor, so pandering and fighting for his colleagues really doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s so ridiculous that Buck sees protests of victims, and families of the deceased and BLM activists as senseless and unreasonable. Rampant senseless killing of blacks by the police force has exceeded terrorism on America’s Sept. 11 disaster, yet Buck promotes laws to protect their evil deeds.

Can someone see clearly that this is a complete power vested to the officers to increase violence on the black fraternity? The “Blue Lives Matter Act” shows Ken Buck either doesn’t understand the difference or just doesn’t care.

Policing is a job an individual signs for, swearing an oath to protect and guide, irrespective of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, but it’s clear the duties are different now. Seem like the mandate to kill is the reason one signs for policing now.

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