BLM Glued Names Of Police Brutality Victims On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Names of blacks killed by police were glued on the empty stars of the Hollywood walk of fame instead of celebrities` names.

Members of the Indecline group took a step forward to remind the world about police brutality on Friday.  They fastened printed names of innocent harmless black people killed by police on the Hollywood walk of fame, there were such names as Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and many others who died in the hands of reckless police officers.

The group posted a video on Instagram showing them sticking names of victims on the star-shaped tile with a commentary from the background on how each of them was killed.

Few hours later Erik Ljung, Producer for NY Times, posted on Instagram following statement, “Just an update, it appears they have been removed. Walked up and down Hollywood and Vine for the past couple hours”.

According to reports, members of the Indecline group promised to get Donald Trump a surprising package.

The more people get reminded of police brutality, racial profiling and injustice, the better we can create awareness of social justice.

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