Officer Deserves More Than Just Being Fired For Gunning Down An Unarmed 17-Year-Old

He violated and deprived a young teenager’s basic rights after shortly meeting the kid.

Austin police officer Geoffrey Freeman is lucky not to be serving a life-long term for shooting a totally harmless and unarmed 17-year-old for absolutely no wrongdoing.

On February 8, the 10-year police veteran responded to calls from a neighborhood in Northern Texas about disturbances, and upon coming in contact with the high school teenager, instantly fired shot, killing Joseph. It didn’t take words or an act or sign of a possible threat for the officer fired his shots, meaning a thought came to his mind – the naked-Black teen was a threat.

The officer said that the teenager charged at him and he feared for his safety. What a flimsy excuse for a trained police officer, not to mention a veteran. What makes a cop, a deserving police and a veteran, to shoot a teen who posed any sort of threat whatsoever.

During a press conference on Monday, Police Chief Art Acevedo addressed reporters saying that a disciplinary panel’s findings came to a conclusion that Freeman violated department policies on response to resistance, general conduct and handling “substance-induced excited delirium.”

However, full findings if internal affairs inquiries are being withheld from public as Travis county district attorney’s officer conducting investigations to decide whether Freeman will face prosecution on criminal charges.

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