She Is 107 Years And Still Rocking

Sports, Music and Dance give life, and McLaurin is a living proof.

At 106 years, Washington D.C.’s Virginia McLaurin danced with the Obamas at the White House. Already 107 this year, McLaurin is the coolest and one the very few 107’s in the United States.

The very old McLaurin starred with the Harlem Globetrotters last Tuesday as she danced and showed off her basketball skills. She was joined by Moose Weekes and Zeus McClurkin.

On Tuesday, McLaurin volunteered at the Roots Public Charter School, where she spent time with the Globetrotters. The “full-of-life” 107-year-old got down to business, dancing and “digging it in”, and finished off with a phenomenal basketball spin on her finger.

Done with getting into the basics of The Harlem Globetrotters, the 107 gave the students a pep talk. She said, “obey your parents, go to school and get all the education you can get.”

The Globetrotters made their start 90 years ago, when McLaurin was only 17 and to celebrate this, the Globetrotters gave out 107 tickets for their next game this weekend and to top it all, a personalized #107 jersey was put on McLaurin.

The happy McLaurin turned 107 on March 12. She was born in 1909 in South Carolina.

Watch how she bounces and dances with the Globetrotters and let us know of what you think about this incredibly awesome old lady.

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