Residents In Flint No Longer Receive Water Bills

Flint says it will stop sending water bills to residents until April so it can account for $30 million in aid from the state of Michigan.

After several months of battling with water crises in Flint, the citizens now have a reason so to live. Last Wednesday Karen Weaver, the mayor of the city ordered the official responsible for mailing of water bills to put a stop to it.

Weaver said in an open address that these recent bills have caused frustration and confusion. She also identified some possible factors including court decisions about rates that are separate from the lead-contaminated water crisis.

Besides that, she also commended the people for doing whatever they can to get the accounts of the utility customers in order. This she said includes introducing adjustments to 85,000 city’s active utility accounts. The mayor also said in a statement that Flint residents need their rest.

A $30 million plan has been approve by lawmakers to help improve the conditions of the citizens in respect of their water bills. This will pay for 65% of the water bills for the city residents that who have to use bottled water or filtered water due to corrosive tap water from the Flint River.

The only bill citizens should be ready to receive now must be that of credits which could be worth $600 per account as said by Weaver. In addition to that, Flint is urging a judge to reject a request to halt all water billings. The hearing planned for March 17.

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