2 Fight For Removal Of Flag In Mississippi

Dr. Jamal Bryant and Attorney Carlos Moore lead the “Take it Down” Confederate Flag rally this week in Jackson to challenge Gov. Phil Bryant’s ruling to keep the controversial flag flying.

A combine flag rally themed ‘Take it Down’ is being led by Dr. Jamel Bryant and Attorney Carlos Moore in Jackson. The rally is organized to challenge the ruling of Phil Bryants about flying.

Moore, a 39-year-old attorney, is suing Mississippi and its governor, arguing that the state flag and its design “are discriminatory and racist by nature.” He is hoping others will rally behind him at a demonstration on Tuesday outside the state’s Capitol. Mississippi’s flag includes the Confederate battle emblem in its upper left corner.

Moore said “I don’t want the next generation to go through this,” “I can take it … but I’m concerned about her generation.”

Attorney Moore stated in a surprised voice stated “I cannot fathom a reasonable explanation why Mississippi takes the stance that it does. The sad situation in South Carolina in June did not even warrant the governor to issue an executive order to fly the flags at half-staff.” Moore also said it is an insult to every African-American in Mississippi.

Mississippi is the only state that still flies the Confederate flag and Attorney Moore is suing the Governor Bryant over this matter. Both Dr. Bryant and Attorney Moore talk to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the Governor’s decision to name February Confederate Heritage Month and the next steps in trying to get the flag removed.

“If South Carolina can do it then Mississippi should do it. Within 24 hours white supremacists on Twitter have actively called for a hit on his (Moore) life for trying to take down the flag.”

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