California’s Racial Bias In Sentencing Traffic Violations

A report by a Consortium of Legal and Civil Rights Organizations in California shows how officers violate the rights of black resident drivers through disproportionate fines and levee fees and sentence them into prison for such minor crimes.

A report last year by the Justice Department in Ferguson, Missouri, revealed how police officers disproportionately made money from black drivers and how they were jailed for minor crimes compared to their white counterparts.  They “leeched off the black community as shamelessly as would mafia bosses,” Conor  Friedersdorf wrote in The Atlantic. A newly released report shows that California is no different of a state than Ferguson in terms of such practices.

Back On The Road California, is the coalition that came up with the analyses from the DMV and sheriff and police departments in the states. It reported in its analysis that the rate at which people of color driver’s license are suspended for not paying fines or appearing at the court was five times higher when compared with the state’s average. Also the rate of arrest for not been able to settle a fine is much excessive than their white folks.

Last year, a similar report came out by the help of Back On The Road, which showed that over 4.2 million driving license were suspended and unlawful imprisonment on minor offenses of which blacks and people of color tallied a high number, due to biased police officers. This is absolute racism.

However, the U.S. Government always talks about discrimination, yet no accurate measures have been set to curtail such acts. California Governor Jerry Brown’s program didn’t yield fruit, and it’s about time real stands are taking against these dubious acts of police, because they have taking the law into their own hands.


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