Black Pregnant Woman Pepper-Sprayed For Trying To Rescue Mum

A pregnant lady, Camri Denton was slammed to the ground and pepper-sprayed by security guards as she tries to help her mum, whose house was on fire.

America finds itself in an era where brutality against Black people has become the modus operandi for law enforcement and security officials. These men in uniform seem to stop at nothing to execute their ‘racist’ agenda.

In the wake of these horrific happenings, a Black family residing in Memphis, a city in Tennessee is yet to come to terms with the violent actions of some security guards from the Cobra security company. A report by Fox 13 Memphis narrates a rather sad story of a Black pregnant woman who suffered violence at the hands of security officials.

Newly pregnant Black woman, Camri Denton says that she had rushed to her mom’s apartment at Bent Tree to help salvage the fire situation. Her mom’s apartment had caught fire and she together with some family members were trying their best to prevent further damages which may occur as a result of the fire.

According to Denton, she was ordered to leave by some security personnel who have arrived at the scene. African Black woman, Denton, feeling the need to help her mom, replied them by saying that her name was on the lease.

In the video, she could be heard telling the guards, “I don’t have to leave. My name is on the lease.”

But it seems the response of the Black pregnant woman didn’t go down well with the security officials. So they further warned her by saying that “Ma’am, you are causing a riot out here. You are causing people out here to act crazy.”

Just moments after that response from one of the guards, Denton said she was held by the wrist and hit to the ground by a guard. She further narrated her ordeal saying, “They put me in handcuffs, and the female pepper-sprayed me.”

The entire incident infuriated the family present. Andre Bufford, Denton’s dad said, “I mean, I don’t understand how security is able to get away with things like this, especially when your job is to secure the problem, not cause problems.”

Upon contacting the Cobra Memphis security company by the Fox13 Memphis to enquire about the assault which involved their employees, the security company stated that they aren’t responsible for the security of Bent Tree Apartments.

It is amazing the form these brutalities have taken now. Is it now actually an offense in America to rescue a family member who needs help? This “rule” only seems to be enforced when Black people are involved. Their wickedness knows no boundary now; to the extent of assaulting a pregnant lady. The racist nature of these white folks is so evident in their actions and judgment. Their first point of call when dealing with a Black person is violent. But they turn to rather blame Black people for being violent. What an irony?

Source: The Root
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