Homeless Man Saves Teens At Expense Of His life

The Black homeless man is being honored as a hero after he died saving two teenagers from a brutal attack in Denver.

According to CNN,  James Farmer Jr. was sleeping in his car in downtown Denver on June 16 when he woke up and saw a homeless man attacking two teens. And so Farmer did what he thought was right, intervening to help and protect the teens, and ultimately lost his life.

“People who know what’s right do what’s right. And he was one of those people who did it. He stepped up to help. And unfortunately, it cost him his life,” a local homeless shelter official said about Farmer.



“We would like to clarify that he was not just some ‘homeless’ man living in his car. The Saab he resided in, he bought and paid for,” family members stated. “James Farmer Jr. moved down to Denver to further his employment opportunities. He sent money back to his grandchildren and family. He had dreams, goals and ambitions.”



“He surely would’ve died had [Farmer] not intervened,” Wes Brown, the father of 18-year-old Aidan Brown, one of the teens who was beaten up, said. “No one is surprised that he stepped in the way he did, which I found amazing, and I wish I could thank him personally.”



“He took [an] oath when he joined the United States Army and promised never to leave a man behind. Well, that is what James stood for on June 16, 2017. He heard someone in need and risked his life to save [the] lives of those teenagers,” the family said. “James sacrificed himself and in return died a brutal murder.”



James Farmer Jr. fully deserves all the honors he gets and even more, as he showed America how a real hero looks.

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