10-Year-Old Creates A Device To Stop Hot Car Deaths

As the hot summer months are rapidly approaching, a 10-year-old from McKinney, Texas, wants to help solve a national problem: hot car deaths.

Bishop Curry V, with the help of a GoFundMe campaign, has already raised over $20,000 to create a device which could prevent children who are left in hot cars from dying. The product, which he calls “oasis,” is small unit that will cool off any person left in a hot car.

Here’s how the device works: once it gets too hot in a car, a sensor tells the device to blow cool air. At the same time, an alert would be sent to local authorities and parents to help the child. The “oasis” is designed to be placed on the back of the driver’s and passenger’s headrests.


According to Fox News, Curry says his patent should be approved within the year and he has manufacturers lined up to build it. Currently, he is working with a 3D model of his concept design. He also spoke of the recent hot car death that inspired his design.

“When a baby named Fern died down the street [from a hot car death], I came up with the idea because it was on the news and everything,” Curry told Fox News.

As a fifth grader, Curry is striving to end a problem that has taken the lives of 712 children since 1998. He is also inspiring his peers to help him with his venture.

“They want to work for me,” Curry says of his classmates who are interested in taking part in the project.

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