White Jury Claims Sheriff’s Deputy Not Guilty For Assaulting Unarmed Black Man

Ex-Marion Deputy, Jesse Alan Terrell, has been found not guilty in the beating of unarmed black man, who was arrested in 2014.

The former Marion County deputy Terrell was one of the five deputies who assaulted an African-American Derrick Price in a parking lot. The beating took place during Price`s arrest for non-violent crime. Deputy Terrell was caught on a surveillance video striking the black man on and around his neck with his baton. It was 22 solid strikes.

He and his crew were charged with deprivation of civil rights under color of law. Report says that the other officers pleaded guilty in court and now are waiting for sentencing. Terrell was fired only after a year they assaulted Price and he was recently indicted. The whole story came out when the footage appeared, because earlier Derrick Terrell hadn’t accused deputies over concerns that nobody would believe in his words.

On Friday April 8, 2016, a 12-white-man jury acquitted Terrell from all the charges. According to reports from the Department Of Justice Terrell was to face $250,000 fine and 10-year jail term.

After Price’s trial, the jurors refused to give any comment on the case.

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 145, Michael J. Saxe, wrote a statement saying, “The FOP stands by the decision and we appreciate the efforts and dedication it took to come to that conclusion“.

The verdict which was passed over the week is just one of the many that doesn’t deliver justice for black people in communities. No justice will be restored until the judicial system is absolutely white. Black community needs to be well-represented in courts, juries, police departments, Congress and other government systems. Although it’s difficult for black people to take up such post, we shouldn’t put up with this low rank in the society. Nobody should forget that black people had built this country and we deserve all the equal rights.


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