Our wonderful poet, Marshata Caradine-Randall, M.Ed. speaks about Colin Kaepernick's protest and the controversial reaction to it.

The very people behind the pen that wield education malpractice

The very people behind the pen that wield ignorance

The very people behind the pen that wield homelessness

The very people behind the pen that wield hunger

The very people behind the pen that wield my community of savages

The very people behind the pen that wiled my chemically filled community

The very people behind the pen that wield MAN MADE malpractice

The very people that knowingly and willfully assure that our children “trust” them are the SAME people who are turning their back on #ColinKaepernick.

It is your brilliance, your calculating moves, your demand for justice and equality under the USA flag while being a “worker” for the #NFL for Black and Brown lives of which is a smear in the face of those who hung us from trees for attempting to learn to read and write, it is the same vicious people who stood, laughed, pointed, and mocked like their children were at a funfest. They and their children enjoyed watching children, women and men hanging from trees as “STRANGE FRUIT.”

They got great enjoyment from watching us hang as we were determined to enforce of rights and full citizenry in this great country called the #USA.

You are showing America’s true color for what we know it is to be and always have been…..

You are showing America’s blatant racist views towards Black and Brown citizens……

You are showing just how spot on your position to kneel was evident and needed.

 I have yet to see vocal OUTRAGE and DISGUST at our schools that produce TOP athletes but assuring through LEGISLATION they should fail in life, as long as they are “scouting” the BEST, FASTEST, and MOST athletic to work hard and play hard to make them rich, THAT IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL and NOT their minds, YOUR THREAT IS YOUR MIND!

As long as they can use athleticism to make millions and billions off of the backs of POOR Black and Brown athletes then they will and feel entitled to do so without ANY questions being asked.

It is an atrocity that for a POOR BLACK AND BROWN mom or family, the only hope they have is sports because that will assure their children and family can have the “American” dream until they realize it is ALL A NIGHTMARE!

When thinking of athleticism and African Americans, it is from the beginning of time……


We have a strong work ethic

We have creative

We have talents

We have drive

We have discipline

We are competitive

We are aggressive

We are focus

We are a determined people

We most definitely have a high tolerance for pain

We have to master time management

We are financially literate

We are an adaptable people

We have no other option but to be flexible

We are an learn how to be athletic during the toddler years because we are grooming our children to face a world that do not see, or value their humanity

We are motived

We take the initiative

We make no excuses

We are confident

We are teachable

We are leaders

We are followers

We are accountable

We are responsible

We are competitive

We go above and beyond for our coaches

We are tough minded

We are emotionally mature

We are in control of our emotions

We are known to face and master challenges

We have the ability to tune out distractions in the midst of chaos

We have that BLACK MAGIC!

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