Dred Scott’s Descandant Receives Apology From Judge’s Family

A family member of the chief justice who presided the Supreme Court when the decision in Dred Scott's case was made has apologized for it.

160 years ago Dred Scott, a slave who tried to sue for his freedom, was told by the court that African-Americans could not have rights of their own and were inferior to white people. On Monday Charles Taney IV of Greenwich, Connecticut, apologized for the decision made by his great-great-grand-uncle Roger Brooke Taney.

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“You can’t hide from the words that Taney wrote,” judge’s descendant said. “You can’t run, you can’t hide, you can’t look away. You have to face them.” Speaking on behalf of his family he also said he tried to ask forgiveness for the “terrible injustice of the Dred Scott decision” from all African-Americans

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Lynne Jackson of St. Louis, the great-great-granddaughter of Dred Scott, accepted the apology for her family and “all African-Americans who have the love of God in their heart so that healing can begin,”  hoping it can bring about greater reconciliation.


Better late than never sounds as horrible sarcasm in the situation when an awful racist ruling determined the fate of so many innocent people for so many years. But let us applaud to late Dred Scott for his incredible bravery and to his family for their tremendous ability to forgive.

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