An interesting thought on Yusra Khogali's sub-human theme

Yusra Khogali

You got me on this sub-human kick.

Sub is a prefix of which means under, beneath, below.

I notice that you had unknown reason to delete your post but as I began to meditate on what we have been and still is dealt as a POC in America for the past 200 years and these silent deaths, THEY SHOW US WE ARE SUB-HUMAN!

Part of me want to say to you, “DON’T SAY THAT, DON’T FEEL THAT WAY, DON’T TREAT THEM LIKE THAT” and then I come to my senses:

I reflect on my life, I reflect on the “good” intentions of White folks, I reflect on how far we have come, I reflect on where we are, I reflect on the injustices of what my children are faced, I reflect on the inequalities my children are dealt, I reflect on LEGISLATED maltreatment and malpractice of BROWN AND BLACK people at the hearts of White people, I reflect on every single student that has entered a room I was teaching in and their trauma and poverty that accompanied them and it was evident only the privileged had clinicians to eradicate those ills they had and not the impoverished but yet somehow they were supposed to be astute young people, I reflect on the vision I have for my family, I reflect on the goals I had for me, I reflect on the system in place that serve me malpractice, I reflect on the one mistake that could land my black male child in the slammer for years, I reflect on the unlucky zipcode we are zoned, I reflect on the love, acceptance, forgiveness, respect, honor, friendship we give FREELY even in the face of this HARD KNOCK LIFE and I say I SEE YOU, I FEEL YOU and I HEAR YOU!


It may NOT be in THEM today but THEY RIDE THAT DNA deep.

THEIR DNA allow them in 2017 to watch us die a slow death
THEIR DNA allow them in 2017 to watch us hurt for ourselves and family members
THEIR DNA allow them in 2017 to watch us send our children to educational institutions where they are not given the same opportunities and resources as their white children
THEIR DNA allow them in 2017 to watch us wallow and accept us living in impoverished areas as they come in swoop up a nice paycheck in one month that is a yearly salary for the city dwellers
THEIR DNA allowed them to stand, watch, laugh, and mock those hanging from trees and today they watch invisible noose around our necks
THEIR DNA allow them to NOT speak out on atrocities our children and families face today
THEIR DNA put a man who was known to be a con into the highest office of the land for fear of losing their White privilege of which they are losing it ANYWAY
THEIR DNA will allow them to “earn” a reputable salary and allow children and their families to live in blighted communities

You say SUB-HUMAN? I say they are STILL some heartless and cold people because they are content to watch our pain, have a hand in our pain and feel not our pain!

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