Man Refused Entry Into Hillary Clinton Rally For Wearing BLM T-Shirt

A Philadelphia man was refused entry into a rally held by the presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton, just because he was wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt.

A circulating Facebook video shows how a man was denied the entry of a rally held by Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. “I just got refused entrance to her event by the police for wearing a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt!” said the young man.

This is ridiculous! Apparently, it’s not a surprise coming from the side of a woman who termed black kids as ‘Super Predators’.  This is a clear evidence of her “hidden agenda,” just like the KKK leader once said. Hillary says that she supports black community; however her stories and actions are all fictitious.

This is not the leader of America and the black people seek. What Hillary Clinton and her administration need to know is that every hidden agenda will be brought to light, and this is the beginning of that. One cannot be denied entry just because of the t-shirt he is wearing. This is where the hate level for #BlackLivesMatter has heaped to.

Clinton has been a liar and a pretender to BLM and the Black communities. This is a clear picture of how blacks and BLM activist will be treated when she assumes power. If just a ‘t-shirt’ can cause this chaos, then people of color need to think whom to vote for.

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