Student Activists Pulling Through University Presidents To Address Racial Disparities

Student protests are gaining roots on university campuses and colleges all around the globe, American Council on Education says.

A secret survey, which was conducted in 567 colleges and universities concerning the impact of student activism and its effect, has showed that almost 47 percent of the 4-year-course institutions have already organized racial diversity concerns, and 75 percent showed that campus programs, which are in relation with Black Lives Matter, immigration and prejudice against Muslim community have sparkled racial communication in their schools.

An anonymous reportedly wrote that, “The national issues have manifested at my campus as a genuine focus on eliminating the disparity in student academic achievement by ethnicity and on being more proactive in diversifying the faculty.” It was found out that about 55 percent of the presidents in various campuses said that racial opinions have become priority, while about 1 percent said it’s ineffective. 44 percent think it much better to fuel it up than the previous years.

Other Key Points:

86 percent of the campus presidents said their meetings with the organizers were more than once, 11 percent have never met them at all and 3 percent even do not hold meetings at all.

It was also known that racial injustice issues are more likely attended to by the public institutions than the private institutions.

Presidents are putting more measures in place to raise the awareness and making every student on campus safe or making the campuses a safer place for every color of student.

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