Crime Reports: More Black Teens Tried As Adults In N.J.

Analysis carried out has revealed that prosecutors in New Jersey long to see more Black juveniles tried as adults.

According to a recent survey, it has become almost a normal and common practice for Black juveniles to be tried as adults in the state of New Jersey. The analysis from the search proved that New Jersey prosecutors are more interested in the arrangement of an adult trial for Black teens for crimes like drug trafficking and robbery among others.

The WNYC Radio analysis established the hypothesis that Black teens are more likely to be tried as adults compared to their white counterparts. The analysis showed that in 2011, the number of Black and Latinos teens indicted in New Jersey constituted 93% of the total population.

Within the past five years, about 692 juveniles were tried as adults in New Jersey. Out of this number 152 inmates still find themselves behind bars for crimes committed when they were yet juveniles. And 20% of the total number of inmates are serving sentences of not less than 10 years.

A March 2016 publication reported that it is now an approved law in New Jersey to keep juveniles prosecuted as adults in juvenile detention until they turn 18.

The juvenile justice system in America is gradually losing its purpose. Slapping juveniles with adult sentences for both violent and non-violent crimes can only be witnessed in the United States juvenile justice system, The Guardian reports.

The main conclusion of this report is that Black youth are entering the system in disproportionate numbers compared to their White counterparts,” a 2014 Virginia’s Disproportionate Minority Contact task force report states. The fact that Black people are indicted at a much higher rate than whites isn’t news anymore in the U.S.

According to The Guardian, minors tried as adults are made to serve an 8.5 or 25.5 jail time, whereas the highest jail term is life imprisonment. Moreover, the previous study has proved that longer jail terms do not really have a more significant impact on the correction process of minors than shorter ones.

“[Juveniles are] more susceptible to peer pressure, they’re more volatile in emotionally charged settings, they’re less future oriented, and all of that stuff matters from the standpoint of committing crimes,” Vincent Schiraldi, a criminal justice policy expert at the Harvard University stated. He further explained that teens although they at times commit serious crimes, still need to be protected.

The out of this analysis isn’t surprising for America, a country where the crime reports are flooded with the names of Black people. It is just a further prove of a deliberate attempt to incarcerate as many Black people as possible.  American justice system in its current form has almost fully replaced slavery: people are stripped of their rights and put into the free labor circle.  And of course, this time round, the system needs young energetic Blacks to continue functioning. Tempering with the age of the convicts is the best way to provide stable inflow of force.

Source:Atlanta Blackstar
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