Unarmed Black Man In Critical Condition After Being Tasered

Anaheim Police taser unarmed Black man for allegedly altercating with officers

The cry of the Black community has always been that of police brutalities, racism and all other  black-related worries . Loud and rampant of these issues is the issue of police brutalities. The kind of injustice meted on Blacks by the police cannot be fathomed in any humanly possible way. It’s in view of such occurrences that Anaheim woke up to the news of the police tasering an unarmed black man which has left the victim in a critical condition (coma).

Throwing light on events that led to such a catastrophe to the black community, it was revealed that Vincent Valenzuela, 32, of Anaheim, the victim on that fateful day was involved in an altercation with officers in the 2600 block of West Broadway Avenue at about 9:15 a.m.

The police claim that they responded to the scene after they received a distress call alleging that a suspicious man had followed a woman to her home.

Police tasered the victim, and eventually put him in a critical medical condition. From the situation, we can confidently say that the police effort was deliberately a hate attack on the innocent unarmed man. It’s again seen clearly that using a taser was an attempt done by the police in an execution form

We hope Vincent Valenzuela survives such an ordeal. As we await his recovery, we call on all blacks to stand against this notorious behavior of the Cops.

Comparing the case of Eric  Gerner and Freddy Gray with one voice we  push charges against the police for such an irresponsible act and ask for an immediate private independent investigation into the issue at hand.

Share this article and help to fight for justice for the Black Community.

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