Rich African History As Revealed By George Washington Williams

One of the greatest African-American historians, George Washington Williams made an insightful expose` about African history which is quite different from the usual stories of colonialism we have always heard.

Dr. Washington Williams, the first African-American to write a “scholarly general history” of Black people has been brought to our minds again through films and the internet.

The African-American historian was the first Black member of Ohio legislature. He was actually an intelligent and talented man with a coat of many colors. He wasn’t just a historian but also an orator, soldier, minister, journalist, jurist, editor and writer.

Dr. Williams didn’t just study African history in America but in ancient times. He traveled far and wide in his exploration of the facts about the African. He traveled throughout Western Europe, Belgian Congo, Cairo, Egypt, and Asia among others.

His documentation about the enormousness of African history debunked the fact that the history of Africans initiated with the commencement of colonialism.

Dr. Williams’ two-volume book which was published by the son of G.P. Putman in 1883 was one of the most sought after publications. He entitled the book “History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880. Negroes as Slaves, as Soldiers, and as Citizens: Together with a Preliminary Consideration of the Unity of the Human Family, a Historical Sketch of Africa, and an Account of the Negro Governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia.”

Dr. Williams focused relic of Africans in Asia in the volume one of his books, in a chapter he titled “The Negro in the Light of Philology, Ethnology, and Egyptology.”

He stated in his insightful book that “Now, these substantial and indisputable traces of the march of the Negro races through Japan and Asia lead us to conclude that the Negro race antedates all profane history.” Dr. Williams concluded that the African race isn’t localized in Africa but can be traced to every continent of the world.

Dr. Williams’ later turned his attention to Africans who resided in Africa under colonial rule. His 1890 trip to Belgian Congo was to address the brutalities vested on Africans by their colonial masters. He wrote a derisive letter to Leopold II of Belgium, describing the horrific situation his people had created in Belgian Congo.

Such a distinguished historian with amazing talents Dr. Williams is. He has indeed laid before us the facts that have been hidden for long. The history of the African isn’t all about slavery. That is the part they always want us to believe about ourselves. There are more inspiring historical facts, and Dr. Williams has helped us discover them. We are indeed proud of such a genius.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star
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